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How to avoid unscrupulous property cash buyers

November 7, 2018

You’re probably on this page because you’ve been thinking about selling your property for cash. So how do you know which firms you can trust and which companies will try to take advantage of you?   When you need to sell your property in a hurry, you want a quick sale that doesn’t leave you in financial difficulty. […]

Quick house sale company proudly joins NAPB to protect sellers

November 7, 2018

The UK’s number one cash property buyer is the latest quick sale house company to join the National Association of Property Buyers, collaborating with the Property Ombudsman (TPO) to create a new Code of Practice in order to protect sellers.  What this means for sellers  A recent study into companies that purchase directly from consumers recommended that the sector […]

Who’s the best person to write your property description? You

November 7, 2018

Home is where the heart is. And when you’re selling your home, you should put your heart into the marketing of it. Building an emotional connection with words can be the turning point for a buyer – lead them through your door with evocative language and sell your house fast. Never trust an estate agent Estate […]

Why you should sell an inherited property fast

November 7, 2018

People inherit homes for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually due to the death of a family member. Dealing with the burden of an inherited home can be difficult in times of grief, so it’s not uncommon for people to want to sell inherited houses fast.  But there are other benefits to selling your house quickly – […]

Just do it: create a brand for your house to sell it faster

November 7, 2018

The Nike swoosh. Three’s dancing pony. Adidas’s three stripes. All carry their company’s message and ethos in one neat little package. And strong brands stick in your minds. So why not make one for your house? The more defined your house’s brand, the more likely it is to attract potential buyers. What’s your mood? Think […]

Surgery and selling houses: why they have more in common than you think

November 7, 2018

Think surgery and property selling are worlds apart? Think again. There are some surprising similarities between choosing a surgeon and choosing how to sell your house. Not convinced? Read on. Questions, questions Let’s say you’ve been told you need surgery. After the obvious telling your family, lining up a hospital and all the rest – you’ll […]

Facebook friendly? Use social media to sell your house fast

November 7, 2018

Are you the master of the perfect selfie? Hundreds of followers waiting for your next Insta post? Get ready to snap your way to a fast house sale. Hurry things along If your home’s been sat on the shelf for a little while, advertising it on social media is a great way to drum up some […]

Selling your house fast: is it the end for high street estate agents?

November 7, 2018

In today’s fast-moving world, all that waiting around to sell your house is no longer an attractive option. People want things faster and they want to do it themselves – so will it make the traditional estate agent obsolete? Can I get it online? It’s a model that’s become ‘worryingly out of date’, according to easyProperty chief […]

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